Outdoor in Sanremo and in the Riviera dei Fiori


Outdoor is the new face of Sanremo and the Riviera dei Fiori Behind the coastal towns there is a unique hinterland, a natural theater for lovers of mountain biking, trekking, running, downhill and horseback riding.

In other words, the Sanremo to live and love offers emotions, Sanremo is not just the sea, but it offers to outdoor enthusiasts an area that can be used 12 months a year thanks to the very special climate of this part of Italy.

On this site, updated also with text, pictures, videos provided by enthusiastic users of these routes, you will find both technical aspects, from GPS maps, to video tutorials to appreciate the various routes as well as the services available to live this unique experience.

The Outdoor in West Liguria comes from the realization that our hinterland is unique, both for the proximity between sea and mountains, and for the period of availability that covers the whole year. Waking up breathing the saltiness of the sea and continuing the day immersed in the mountain air in a breathtaking trail running, a mtb route or an excursion through the valleys to return in the evening to admire a sunset over the Ligurian Sea is a unique experience. for lovers of wellness and healthy living.

outdoor mountain bike


Sanremo Outdoor is a network of public and private entities that actively collaborate to offer an experience of healthy and sporty life in the open air.

Lead partner is the Municipality of Sanremo which is responsible for the organization, assisted by the Monte Bignone Forestry Consortium which is entrusted with the technical aspects for the maintenance of the routes, supported by the entire productive fabric of the territory which, becoming supporters, they contribute to providing financial resources to keep the paths usable and to offer through the “Sanremo Outdoor” card a series of benefits for those who want to join this project of well-being and protection of the territory.

the “Sanremo Outdoor” Card can be purchased directly on this site with a minimum offer that entitles you to many benefits. Each supporter publishes the benefits reserved for card holders in total transparency because this is a project for everyone where everyone participates by giving their own contribution.